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MTT 990 50th Anniversary

  • The anniversary edition of the MTT 990 uses high-tech materials such as a full-size turntable made of precision-turned, high-density special polymer and a cabinet made of high-density MDF.
  • The tonearm of the special edition is 10 inches long, made of specially alloyed aluminium with stainless steel bearings and a high-quality "VM520EB" elliptical pick-up system from Audio Technica.
  • The MTT 990 comes in an elegant grey high-gloss finish and a "50 years" logo
When, if not now? Magnat MTT 990 50th Anniversary Edition
Great things usually cast shadows ahead, in our case it's rather a bright light. Magnat is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and to mark the occasion we are presenting ourselves and you with a special edition of our MTT 990 turntable. And it differs from the "normal" MTT 990 not only in terms of its elegant, grey high-gloss finish, but also because it has a new, better cartridge.

The MTT 990 has been one of the absolute favourites of the analogue scene for three years. No wonder, as it combines brilliant technology such as the direct drive and the selected pick-up system into a perfect product that sets standards in this price range.

High-tech materials
Of course, this is also the case with the Anniversary Edition. The full-size turntable is made of a highly compressed polymer and is therefore completely resonance-free. In its physical properties, the POM material used resembles vinyl and thus enters into perfect harmony with the record. The supplied felt mat can therefore be used as an option. This sits on the proven direct-drive motor with its flawless synchronisation and high torque. Neben Geschwindigkeiten von 33 und 45 U/min beherrscht der Antrieb auch 78 Touren für die raren Schelllackplatten.

As usual, the cabinet is made of high-density MDF and is perfectly adjustable with its height-adjustable feet. Weighing 11 kilos, the MTT 990 demonstrates its excellent workmanship even in the special edition. The acrylic dust cover can be mounted as an option - according to the user's taste.

Tonearm and system with high-end quality
The tonearm of the special edition is the proven, 10-inch long J-shaped bent arm made of special alloyed aluminium. The shape offers the optimal angle for lowest distortion and the gimballed stainless steel bearings ensure optimal working conditions for the elliptical pick-up. This comes from Audio Technica and is a VM520EB, which, as a dual-moving magnet system, makes even absolute subtleties audible.

In order to visually manifest all these sonic details and, of course, to celebrate our birthday, we have given the MTT 990 a high-gloss finish in "Anniversary Gray". In addition, the Limited Edition gets a "50 Years" logo.

Technical specifications

  • Quartz-controlled direct drive
  • 33 1/3
  • 45
  • 78 rpm
Wow & flutter
  • < 0.08% (33 1/3 rpm)
  • > 2.2 kgf cm
Signal/noise ratio (unweighted)
  • > 65 dB
Platter diameter
  • 305 mm
Platter weight (net)
  • 1.9 kg
Tonearm length
  • 10“
For cartridges weighing
  • 3 - 10 g
For cartridges with a dynamic compliance of
  • Medium – medium-stiff
  • 15.3 mm
Offset angle
  • 21.4 °
Weight of headshell
  • 9 g
Adjustment range of tracking force
  • 0 – 40 mN / 0 – 4.0 g
Adjustment range of antiscating
  • Analogue to tracking force
VTA (height adjustment)
  • 6 mm


  • Quartz-controlled direct drive
  • Heavy, solid platter made of precision-turned, high-compressed special polymer
  • Full-size platter (diameter: 12“ / 305 mm)
  • The record can be placed directly on the platter or on a felt mat (included)
  • High-performance cartridge ’Audio-Technica VM520EB with elliptical stylus
Tone arm
  • 10" J-shaped tone arm made of specially alloyed aluminium
  • For cartridges with a dynamic compliance of medium to medium-stiff
  • Headshell with SME fitting
  • Stainless steel tone arm bearings with carbon steel bearing balls
  • Mechanically decoupled tone arm counterweight
  • Height of the tone arm basis can be adjusted to fit almost all cartridges
  • Hydraulically damped tone arm lift
  • High-quality internal tone arm wiring from Mogami/Japan
  • Gold-plated RCA audio outputs and solid ground terminal


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