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Sounddeck 160

Optimum sound for the TV Watch the video now!

Optimum sound for the TV

Watch the video now!

The sound that accompanies a film accounts for 50 percent or more of the overall experience, which is a well known fact. Most televisions, however, sound rather modest. A soundbar is often recommended as an audio alternative. Depending on the placement options available, however, a sound deck can sometimes make a lot more sense. Especially when it´s a fully-fledged model like our Magnat Sounddeck 160.

Soundbar or sound deck?
In contrast to a soundbar, there is no doubt about where a sound deck should be positioned. It should be located under the TV. And it is precisely for this location that we designed the Sounddeck 160 – both structurally and acoustically. There is, of course, a lot of technology accommodated in the elegant, 70 cm wide housing. The second advantage of a sound deck like the Magnat 160 is that the subwoofer is already integrated, so setting it up is child´s play.

In terms of acoustics, the Sounddeck 160 naturally offers significantly more volume than a typical soundbar due to the depth of its housing. In addition, we have also provided the sound deck with an ultra-sturdy MDF housing, which means it is in no way inferior to classic speakers. This makes the sound fuller and more authentic and optimizes the all-important vocal reproduction.

A sound deck with plenty of power

Question: What does a sound deck need to be able to do first and foremost? Answer: Reproduce fabulous film audio. This is something that the Magnat Sounddeck 160 does this well. With two tweeters, four mid-range speakers and an integrated subwoofer, it not only conjures up room-filling sound in the living room, or any other room for that matter, but it also delivers an impressive performance with a deep bass range that delves down to 26 Hz. The built-in power amplifiers, which boast a total output of up to 220 watts, provide a sufficient level of power.

Home cinema without a complicated setup

The built-in Dolby Digital decoder enables the best 3D surround sound for the home cinema. The Sounddeck 160 is therefore able to replace a complete surround system. The fact that the active subwoofer is already integrated in the housing means that the set-up process is simply limited to connecting the TV and sound deck. Then insert the power plug – and that´s it.
The integrated equalizer features three presets for sound optimization, i.e. for film, music and vocal reproduction. And if you fancy a bit of cinema enjoyment late at night, the night mode ensures your children or any neighbors close by won´t be disturbed or awoken during loud scenes.

Sound deck with HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity

There are plenty of inputs available to connect your TV set. The easiest input to use is the HDMI port. The TV´s ARC audio return channel will then be used, meaning any sources connected, from TV receivers to game consoles, can be reproduced via the sound deck in the best possible sound quality. You can then also enjoy being able to control the volume of the deck using your TV´s remote control. If this is not possible, the digital coaxial and optical inputs can be used. There is also a jack input and a USB port on board.

Can a sound deck also be used as a Bluetooth speaker? Yes of course. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks can be connected via Bluetooth, meaning maximum sound quality can be reproduced for these devices as well. The Sounddeck 160 is therefore capable of replacing a complete system in your living room or bedroom.

Sound deck with customized housing

Let´s talk about design, because the Sounddeck 160 will cut a fine figure in any room. Measuring 70 cm wide and 34 cm deep, it has the ideal dimensions for most TV sets. Thanks to its overall height of just 80 mm, the sound deck can also be positioned in an open lowboard or sideboard underneath the television. Sturdy feet not only provide a secure footing, but also prevent resonance from occurring. This is to the benefit of the remarkable performance generated by the integrated active subwoofer.

The elegant display at the front of the unit always provides information about which input is selected. This makes prolonged guesswork a thing of the past. This also applies, of course, to operation via the system´s remote control: It allows you to use all of the functions in an intuitive and clear manner.

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