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MR 750

Stereo high-end hybrid receiver

  • HDMI input for seamless integration of TV and all connected sources
  • Selected and previously burned-in tubes for optimum sound
  • 2 x 70 watts RMS output, 250 watts system output
  • Extensive connections, digital, analogue, MM phono and Bluetooth aptX
  • Solid metal housing with brushed aluminum front panel and controls
  • Stereo hybrid receiver with transistor and tube technology

Stereo high-end hybrid receiver

The MR 750 finally opens up the combination of tube and transistor technology to all conceivable media. Here you can finally find an all-in-one solution for fans of classic 43 cm components, which can be perfectly combined with Magnat hi-fi components.

Sensitivity and power

With carefully selected ECC 88 tubes already burned in, the MR 750 delivers exactly the sound that connoisseurs appreciate. Thanks to the downstream power transistors, you don't have to do without an impressive output line.

Five analogue high-level inputs, 4 digital inputs plus a phono input for MM systems are the basis for also being able to connect large systems without any difficulty. On top of this, Bluetooth is included with the lossless aptX standard for the best sound from smartphone, tablet or computer. The tuner with FM and DAB+ opens up a whole variety of analogue and digital stations to fans, who can store them on up to 40 station memory locations.

Magnat MR 750 - HDMI and Bluetooth on board

The number of exciting sources for music and sound is growing constantly. You are well equipped for this with the MR 750 because, in addition to a wide range of analogue and digital, it also enables the direct connection of turntables, communicates with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth and creates a seamless connection to the TV set and all connected sources via HDMI. With the latter, the volume can be easily adjusted using the television's remote control. For all other sources, this is done using the system remote control provided.

Discreetly informed

A metal housing and a solid aluminum front panel and controls speak for themselves every time you touch them and give you a feel for what acoustic delights the MR 750 has to offer. The elegant display announces input sources and station names. Apart from that, simply let yourself be captivated by the irresistible glow of the tubes, while enjoying music, films and other media from almost any source in previously unimaginable quality.


Technical specifications


  • Digital DAB/DAB+ tuner
  • RDS/radio text function
  • FM tuner
  • Automatic scanning function (FM)
  • 40 programmable station presets each for DAB/DAB+ and FM
  • Station search (DAB)


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