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Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX

Horizontal or vertical: the best THX front loudspeaker of its class

  • 经THX Ultra 2认证,是家庭影院爱好者的理想选择
  • 全球唯一经THX Ultra 2认证的前置扬声器,既可横放,也可竖放。
  • 42mm大尺寸球顶高音单元具有卓越性能,配备波导前面板,可达到理想的扩散特性
  • 两个功能强大的17cm低音单元,用于最大化动态范围、精度和表现
  • 极其坚固的中密度纤维板箱体,配有30mm低共振前障板

Horizontal or vertical: the best THX front loudspeaker of its class

Never before in the history of THX®: Despite the strict requirements regarding dispersion characteristics, the LCR 100-THX was granted the coveted THX Ultra2™ certification for both horizontal and upright operation. Two 17 cm subwoofers as well as the large tweeter cone ensure distortion-free levels up to beyond 110 decibels as well as outstanding purity of sound. The 42 mm tweeter cone runs in an optimally linear way from 1,500 – 27,500 hertz thanks to the installed horn (Waveguide) and sound distribution lens. This helps the LCR 100-THX to achieve a level of efficiency far in excess of 90 decibels. In other words: Even smaller AV receivers make it possible to experience a great cinema feeling with Cinema Ultra. The enclosure of the LCR 100-THX is flat and is perfectly suitable for unobtrusive wall mounting via wall brackets and VESA fittings.

Highest possible set-up flexibility

First THX Ultra2-certified loudspeaker that can be used as a centre or front speaker in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Perfect acoustics

The fact that the chassis are arranged particularly close together ensures uniquely homogeneous horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics.

Smart mounting with the VESA standard

Ingenious securing system with numerous possibilities for wall mounting as well as wall brackets according to the popular VESA standard.

Technical specifications



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(0) 2022年10月22日

Well done Magnat Cinema Ultra LCR THX 100 ultimate souning speaker for small room home theatre, superior quality sound for cinema experience

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