Heavyweight with lots of depth: High-power active subwoofer Magnat New Omega Sub 380 available now

300 watts, a 38 cm woofer, bass down to 17 Hz: The New Omega Sub 380 by Magnat combines dynamic bass with outstanding performance. The subwoofer features lots of volume and two large Airflex ports for minimal noise of flow as this often is a problem with standard subwoofers. Inside the MDF housing and securely placed on large silicon pods, the 30 kg subwoofer is a reliable source of deep bass. No matter if you are into electronic pop music, classic, sports broadcasts or action-packed home cinema: The Magnat New Omega Sub 380 will deliver powerful deep bass in an outstanding quality. Or in other words: Even more home cinema at all times.

The high-power subwoofer New Omega Sub 380 by Magnat impressively marks its territory at the lower end of the frequency range. The lavishly dimensioned long throw woofer featuring a coated and hardened fabric diaphragm brings even the lowest frequencies to life in a precise and dynamic manner.

Sound from the deep
Bass as it is meant to be: A 38 cm long throw woofer is on duty inside the Magnat New Omega Sub 380 – an outstanding size considering the price range of this product. To guarantee the proper performance and dynamics, the integrated amplifier provides up to 300 Watts of power.

Developed in Germany
High-end technology, selected materials and a long-time developing experience come together in the New Omega Sub 380, creating an impressive result: Developed in Germany, the driver is equipped with a Klippel-optimised magnet and a ventilated high-performance coil. Its hardened fabric diaphragm will withstand even the most demanding constant use and follows each signal precisely.

Perfect ease of use and workmanship
The massive MDF housing offers a worthy home for the high-class components. Two large Airflex ports provide pure bass without any noise of flow and the lavishly dimensioned silicon pods keep the 30 kg sub securely in its place. The front panel features an LED display, controls for volume and crossover frequency and provides outstanding ease of use. A remote control is included for even more convenient volume control. And when the New Omega Sub 380 is not on duty, it switches off automatically to save power.

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