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Monitor Reference 5A

2.5-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker with a fully-fledged configuration

  • Compact, powerful 2.5-way active speaker system
  • Integrated amplifier with 2 x 60 watts of continuous power or 2 x 120 watts of peak power
  • aptx® Bluetooth® input (version 5.0) for optimum sound reproduction
  • HDMI® input with ARC capability for playback of TV audio and all connected sources
  • Phono input for turntables with MM system
  • Solid housing for precise sound reproduction

2.5-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker with a fully-fledged configuration

Anyone who has ever wondered whether there are any multi-functional and fully active speakers in fully-fledged dimensions can now answer their question with a resounding yes. With the same front width as the 3A, the Monitor Reference 5A stands 908 mm tall, making it a full-size floorstanding speaker. This format leaves you in no doubt as to whether you have a real hi-fi system in front of you.

Compact, but with a sound of a much larger model
The tweeter dome measures 25 mm (like its siblings) and is driven by the tried and tested, powerful ferrite magnet. Underneath there are two 170 mm chassis. One caters for the all-important vocal range as a bass-midrange driver, while the second is designed purely for reproducing the deep bass range. The use of materials really makes an impact here - the floorstanding speaker of the Monitor Reference series delves right down to a frequency of 28 Hz. Nevertheless, the 5A boasts a slim visual appearance and can therefore be set up in any living room environment.

There is even more amplifier power on board here: Each channel has 60 watts of continuous power (or 120 watts of peak power). An HDMI input, phono preamplifier, Bluetooth® with fast aptx® Low Latency capability, as well as analog and digital connections round off the configuration here as well. And we haven´t skimped on the material either: Weighing in at 14.7 and 13.8 kg (active and passive speaker respectively), the Monitor Reference is not unbearable, but it is still considerably sturdy.