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Sounddeck 160

Powered home cinema sound deck with integrated subwoofer, Bluetooth® and HDMI® functionality

  • Fully-fledged and dynamic home cinema sound from a single loudspeaker system
  • Very easy to install thanks to numerous inputs; HDMI® allows direct connection to the TV
  • 110 watts continuous power / 220 watts peak power
  • Optical and coaxial digital inputs

Powered home cinema sound deck with integrated subwoofer, Bluetooth® and HDMI® functionality

The elegant, velvety black body provides a solid base for TV sets of almost any size. You can enjoy full cinema sound via just one connection (HDMI or digital). With a maximum output of 220 watts, the Sounddeck 160 trumps many hi-fi systems. In contrast to typical hi-fi speakers, however, it does not require any valuable space, as it can be integrated under the TV or even laid flat as a sideboard speaker.

Content from mobile devices can also be played seamlessly thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. The unit is operated using the supplied system remote control or conveniently via your TV´s handset. The integrated Dolby Digital decoder ensures film audio is smoothly processed to turn a living room into a home cinema. Pre-programmed equalizer settings for film, music and speech also allow you to perfect the overall sound pattern. When the night mode is activated, the dynamics of the sound signal are reduced. This allows you to easily understand what´s being said despite the reduced volume and it prevents your neighbors from being disturbed during action scenes.

Magnat´s Sounddeck 160 is the perfect addition to any television and ensures that the sound quality is in no way inferior to the fabulous picture produced by modern TV sets. All of this without compromising in terms of installation or operation.

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Wahnsinnnig gute Preis-Leistungsverhältnis - klasse Sound für unter 300€!!!

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