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Cinema Ultra SUB 300-THX

18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure Certified by THX®

  • 为家庭影院提供18Hz的强劲、动态低音
  • 经THX Ultra 2认证的全球尺寸最小的低音炮
  • 32cm高品质低音单元,由两个32cm被动辐射器辅助
  • 集成D类放大器,额定输出功率为550瓦,最大峰值输出功率为1,100瓦
  • 极其坚固的中密度纤维板箱体,配备45mm坚实前障板

18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure Certified by THX®

The Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX subwoofer also amazed the THX engineers: It is the smallest woofer so far to have been awarded THX Ultra2™ certification. Here, too, the basis for the record is the very latest technology. The 32 cm high-performance driver is optimised for a large stroke and minimal distortions. For power right from the bottom - the Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX goes all the way down to 18 Hertz! – the subwoofer is supported by two passive radiators of the same size and appearance. Together with the newly developed 550 watt Class D power amp, they are located in a compact, extremely sturdy enclosure where the baffle alone, made of 45 mm thick MDF, effectively suppresses a lot of vibrations

Technical specifications


  • 30 cm high-performance long-stroke woofer, 30 cm long-stroke passive diaphragms with selber Membran
  • Flow-optimised, highly stable die-cast aluminium cage to avoid compression effects and resonances
  • Double-magnet high-power drive system with inductivity control ring for extremely low distortion
  • Extremely large linear hub for maximum signal purity with large deflections
  • Multiple-ventilated high-performance voice coil for high resilience
  • Multiple coated paper diaphragm and dust cap for ideal rigidit
  • Low-loss rubber surrounds for woofer and passive diaphragms
  • 8 screw fixings for firm anchoring in the baffle


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