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Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX

High power performance with great spatial representation

  • 偶极设计,带来影院级震撼的环绕音效
  • 声级出众、设计紧凑
  • 偶极设计中配备两个高性能42mm球顶高音单元,带来真实环绕声
  • 17cm低音单元功能强大,再现强劲、动态的环绕声
  • 扁平梯形箱体,便于墙面安装

High power performance with great spatial representation

One of the 42 mm tweeter cones is located on each sloping side at the centre of the powerful 17 cm subwoofers: The Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX follows the ideal structure of classic dipole speakers. The two tweeters are – as stipulated by THX® – connected together with reversed polarity to produce a diffuse, very three-dimensional soundscape. Because our cone operates in an extremely wide band, the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX creates this desired diffuse sound field from as low as 1500 hertz. Despite its small size and moderate overall depth of just 16 centimetres, the effect speaker is capable of impressive sound levels - an important factor for the best cinema sound. And optimum installation is also child´s play thanks to the large number of wall-mounting options, including VESA brackets.

Very spatial soundscape.

The Magnat Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX is the ideal rear speaker: Extremely powerful sound and high efficiency The loudspeaker generates a wide band and spatial sound field.

Identical drivers

The loudspeaker chassis in the front, centre and surround sound speakers are all absolutely identical, ensuring maximum acoustic homogeneity in the overall soundscape.

Technical specifications



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