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MTT 990


  • 石英控制直接驱动,实现理想转速
  • 皮带不打滑,动力不受限
  • 重量级电唱盘(含实心中密度纤维板箱体
  • 10英寸J-型唱臂,最大程度降低追踪角偏差
  • 共有三种速度可供选择(33 1/3,45、78 r.p.m),加上对应唱头,同样适用虫胶唱片


MTT 990是密力公司史上第一款唱机产品,是我们过去45年在高保真发展领域积累的知识和在经过验证的模拟领域的专业知识的共同结晶。鉴于我们的高标准,因此,密力首款唱机采用直接驱动系统。 我们的目标是将录音室的可靠性和DJ电唱盘的高保真声学特征相结合。

Equipped for all pickups

The tonearm is height adjustable in a few simple steps. This means you can set it perfectly for any pickup on the international market or also experiment with different mat heights.

One button for all events

The drive is extremely easy to operate: All three speeds and Start/Stop are set on the MTT 990’s large rotary knob.

Cartridge with best references

An Audio Technica AT 95E is pre-installed perfectly before leaving the factory. This MM system is one of the best-selling and most frequently tested worldwide. It sounds very natural and harmonises with the vast majority of all phono preamps on the market

No chance of vibrations

The feet supporting the MTT 990 are particularly important. Their special design prevents vibrations from the supporting surface from affecting the scanning.

Technical specifications