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MR 750

Magnat MR 750 - hybrid tube receiver with Bluetooth aptX and HDMI

Magnat MR 750 - hybrid tube receiver with Bluetooth aptX and HDMI

Anyone who decides on a receiver will appreciate it combining all the desired sources in a single location. But what exactly are "all" the desired sources? With the MR 750, we are raising the bar in this regard because the all-rounder not only offers our legendary hybrid tube and transistor technology. In addition to Bluetooth based on the lossless aptX standard, the MR 750 also has an HDMI input. And that makes it the ideal contact partner for all kinds of media.

The best of both worlds - tube sound and transistor performance

Anyone who knows us knows that we do not compromise. But doesn't every technology have to make some concessions? Tubes sound fantastic because they generate harmonic waves that perfectly round off the sound. However, it is difficult to get enough power from them for demanding speakers. Transistor amplifiers do offer this, on the other hand. Transistor amplifiers do develop this power, on the other hand.

That’s why we have combined the two. The now legendary ECC 88 double triode tube can be found in the low-noise tube preamplifier of the MR 750. This is carefully selected and "burned in" so that we can guarantee for every MR 750 that everything is perfectly coordinated for you to enjoy music for years to come. The powerful and highly efficient transistors then take care of amplifying the music signals - and do it properly. 70 watts of continuous power are available per channel. And at its peak, the MR 750 delivers a system output of 250 watts.

MR 750 - With Bluetooth aptX and HDMI

In addition to a large number of inputs in analogue and digital versions, including a phono input for turntables with MM cartridges, the MR 750 has two special playback options that qualify it as the ultimate entertainment centre. With Bluetooth according to aptX standard, it offers lossless playback from smartphones and tablets, with the HDMI input making it the perfect interface to the TV set. Not only the content from this input, but also from all connected sources can benefit from the sensitive processing by the tube preamp. All digital content passes through a high-quality D/A converter beforehand.

A receiver also has a radio receiver on board, of course - in the MR 750 in the form of a high-quality tuner for both analogue VHF reception and digital radio via DAB +. The powerful transistor output stages also supply demanding speakers. This means that you really do have all sources under control and in the best quality. When using the TV set as a source, the volume can also be conveniently adjusted using the TV remote control.

Super finish and iconic looks

The immaculately finished metal housing with a solid, brushed aluminum front panel is a pleasure to touch every time. The same is true for the controls, which are also made from this elegant material. The tinted viewing window, only interrupted by the volume control, reveals a clear view of the tube electronics on the right, while a two-line plain text display with adjustable brightness is integrated on the left. Located at the back are the various connections, with the Bluetooth receiver protruding from the housing. Solid screw terminals also provide a secure hold for strong speaker cables.

One receiver - all sources

Nothing is missing here. The Magnat MR 750 offers much more than the usual variety of connections. With Bluetooth and HDMI, it is equipped for the entire world of new media, regardless of whether you want to play something from your smartphone quickly or enjoy a movie or game with full sound. The unique amalgamation of modern technology and the power of transistor output stages with the legendary sound of the tube preamp makes the MR 750 the number one choice for music fans who want to use all facets of modern media conveniently and comfortably.

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