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MA 700

Magnat MA 700 - the pure doctrine of good sound

Magnat MA 700 - the pure doctrine of good sound

We are known for connecting things together and merging technologies. This is why our brand new MA 700 stereo amplifier offers the incomparable combination of tube technology for captivating sound and robust transistor power amplifiers, so that even larger speakers can be used without any problems. Beyond that, however, we have given the MA 700 everything it takes to be able to reproduce all your diverse media. In addition to all imaginable analogue and digital inputs as well as Bluetooth, this also includes an HDMI input. And that makes our amplifier a real all-rounder.

The best of both worlds - tube sound and transistor performance
Anyone who knows us knows that we do not compromise. But doesn't every technology have to make some concessions? Tubes sound fantastic because they generate harmonic waves that perfectly round off the sound. However, it is difficult to get enough power from them for demanding speakers. Transistor amplifiers do develop this power, on the other hand.

That’s why we have combined the two. The low-noise tube preamplifier of the MA 700 features the now legendary ECC 81 double triode tube. This is carefully selected and "burned in" so that we can guarantee for each MA 700 that everything is perfectly coordinated for you to enjoy music for years to come. The powerful and highly efficient transistors then take care of amplifying the music signals - and do it properly. 70 watts of continuous power are available per channel. At its peak, the MA 700 delivers a system output of 250 watts.

MA 700 - This is how television can benefit from tube sound
Every signal, whether from the five analogue inputs, two digital inputs or via the Bluetooth receiver with its lossless aptX standard, can enjoy the musical wellness treatment provided by the tube preamp - this is also true for the HDMI input. All digital signals first pass through an extremely high-quality D/A converter.

An HDMI input on the stereo amplifier? But of course! If this is connected to the back-channel HDMI output on the TV set, which can be recognised by the abbreviation ARC, all audio signals from the TV and the connected sources then also go through the MA 700. That means tube sound for everyone, even for a connected game console or the set-top box. And as our HDMI input is CEC-capable, the volume can be easily controlled afterwards using the TV remote control.

MA 700 design: Reduced for full focus on musical escapades
The design of the MA 700? Reduced to the maximum - after all, nothing should distract from the music, but instead prepare everything for it. The full metal housing is embellished by a solid aluminum front panel. Nine LEDs indicate the currently selected input. These can be dimmed in two stages. The controls, i.e. the rotary controls for input selection, balance, bass and treble, as well as the large-format volume control, are also made of solid aluminum. On the right side, the - in the truest sense of the word - optical highlight: The round window through which the tube glows magically. We have equipped the back of the MA 700 with solid speaker terminals

A hybrid amplifier for all media
If you are enthusiastic about hi-fi components with classic dimensions, you no longer have to compromise on media suitability. Our MA 700 hybrid stereo amplifier combines the power of transistors with the sensitivity of tube technology. Added to this is the variety of connections up to and including Bluetooth 5.0 aptX and, as an absolute highlight, the possibility of bringing the TV set with all its sources into the hi-fi world via HDMI.

Technical specifications