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Omega CS 12

Omega CS 12 – A deep bass range and performance perfected

Omega CS 12 – A deep bass range and performance perfected

There is no substitute for bass; except of course more bass. And, if in doubt, an even deeper bass. This applies to both stereo systems as well as a home cinema setup. Even high-end speakers benefit from being able to delegate the reproduction of the lowest frequencies to an active subwoofer. Because they can then concentrate on all of the other components of the respective music.

To achieve this goal, an active subwoofer needs a large cone surface area in order to be able to make the air vibrate sufficiently, as well as a powerful driving force in the form of an amplifier. We have provided the Omega CS 12 with all of these ingredients for it to be able to reproduce the finest, most precise bass range in all types of systems; after all, precision is a must, especially in the lower frequency range. When this is achieved, the long-wave frequencies become the desired sound instead of just an imprecise rumbling noise.

Magnat Omega CS 12 – Maximum bass

12 inches, or 300 mm, is the measure of all things when it comes to the Omega CS 12. The hardened and specially coated dual cone configuration has been optimized for use in the subsonic frequency range. The connection to the longthrow surround, which centers the cone, is provided by a bonded and double-stitched construction. The drive, which is a whopping 170 mm magnetic ring, has been optimized using our tried and tested laser measuring technology from Klippel. The high-performance voice coil, which is also huge at 75 mm, is ventilated to prevent compression phenomena from occurring, i.e. ´stagnant air´. A die-cast aluminum speaker basket rounds off the flawless impression of the components used.

Power without end

The "active" element in the active subwoofer naturally comes from the integrated amplifier. And what an amplifier it is. A high-performance Class-D amp combines maximum performance with optimum efficiency. It delivers an impressive 525 watts of continuous power and a peak output of up to 1100 watts. The volume can be altered on the subwoofer itself as well as via remote control. You can therefore easily adjust the music/film audio you´re listening to or "go easy on your neighbors" with a flick of your wrist.

For a perfect connection to the main speakers, the crossover frequency can be regulated between 50 and 150 Hz, and the phase can also be varied between 0 and 180°, which all results in a seamless transition. The particularly relevant frequency range of around 35 Hz can be increased by up to 6 dB via the "Bass Extension" mode.

Whether you have a hi-fi or home cinema setup – a subwoofer always helps

Active subwoofers are something of a universal genius. They help to achieve an optimum sound in both stereo systems and home cinema systems alike. When it comes to more compact main speakers, be it audiophile shelf speakers or a surround system, a subwoofer is almost a must. The rather small cones that are used by the speakers are then relieved of the physically difficult task of reproducing the lowest frequencies and can operate with a much greater degree of freedom. This also applies, however, to larger floorstanding speakers. Active subwoofers such as Magnat´s Omega CS 12 have been perfectly optimized for their ability to reproduce the lowest frequencies. The extremely powerful integrated amplifier is, of course, also a specialist for this job. Besides its output, it is the integrated DSP that primarily enables an optimum connection to existing speakers and the acoustics of a room.

When it comes to home cinema systems in particular, it can make sense to use not just one, but two or more active subwoofers. This is due to the extremely demanding task of reproducing the recorded bass levels for film audio on one hand, and, on the other, the fact that the bass range appears even more harmonious if the room is stimulated in several locations. This avoids standing waves and thus annoying cancellations and/or exaggerated levels in the frequency response.

Unobtrusive with perfect workmanship

We have packed the maximum cone surface area into an elegant, enclosed housing that also looks good in a living room setup. Measuring 385 and 400 mm, the baffle is hardly any larger than the actual woofer; we have only allowed the space for a solid MDF housing to prevent the high level of precision from being distorted by an unstable exterior.

The elegant high-gloss black finish blends in well with any interior on the one hand, yet it is so discreet on the other that the Omega CS 12 is hardly conspicuous. A two-digit display informs the user of the currently selected volume, thereby preventing any surprises. To acoustically decouple the active subwoofer from the floor, special "Extended Surface Dampers" (or ESD for short) are used, which also ensure the unit is seated and positioned securely.

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