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Needle Alu Super

Particularly slim designer speaker series with brushed aluminium finish

The Needle Alu Super series is the perfect companion for a discreet and design-oriented home cinema system. Aluminium is a material that has always exuded a certain "touch of cool", regardless of its form. In keeping with the comeback of black appliances in the entertainment electronics sector, the entire Needle Alu Super series is available in both a silver and a black anodised aluminium finish.

Particularly slim designer speaker series with brushed aluminium finish

With looks to match the sound

The stylish Needle Alu Super series proves that, apart from looking cool, aluminium can also sound extremely good. The speaker enclosures consist of thick-walled continuous cast aluminium and accommodate up to four 70 mm bass/midrange drivers and one 13 mm polycarbonate dome tweeter. The bass/midrange drivers operate with specially hardened cellulose cones and a "low-distortion" centering element, which prevents the cone from wobbling at high volumes. These ensure a rating of 90 dB measured according to the DIN standard (1 watt/metre), which is more than enough for a party. And if it does get a bit too lively sometimes, the elaborate crossover will prevent any damage to the speaker.

Perfectly coordinated for home cinema applications

To guarantee optimum performance from the tower, centre and satellite speakers in a home cinema setup, all of the speakers have been magnetically shielded. The different models in the range can, of course, be combined at will. We recommend combining theses speakers with the active subwoofers in the Betasub series, as these round-off the sound pattern perfectly.

Technical specifications