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Signature InWall/InCeiling

Magnat Signature In-Wall and In-Ceiling – Custom Installation in Signature Quality

Magnat Signature In-Wall and In-Ceiling – Custom Installation in Signature Quality

Magnat´s range of built-in speakers has been further enhanced with three new models, two of which are designed for wall mounting and one that is intended for ceiling installation. What they all have in common is their extremely high quality components, which are based on the tried and tested technology from the Signature series. High performance with compact dimensions and an uncomplicated installation process not only ensure fast, but also long-term enjoyment with the accustomed level of quality.

Same technology as the large speakers

The acoustic DNA includes CAC technology (i.e. the ceramic aluminum cone). The base material, namely aluminum, is anodized in a chemical process that causes aluminum oxide to form on the surface, thereby creating a ceramic material. This results in an extremely sturdy cone with higher internal damping due to the softer aluminum at the center. The built-in speakers have also inherited the coated fabric dome tweeters for the high-frequency range from the "large" Signature home speaker series. These can be combined, for example, to supplement a traditional stereo or surround system with additional channels.

Sophisticated installation concept

An important factor for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers is not only the sound but also the installation process. All of the built-in speakers in the Signature series are characterized by a simple and ingenious mechanism: A 4 or 6-way clamping mechanism enables quick and solid installation in surfaces up to 300 mm thick, such as suspended ceilings and cladded walls. All of the chassis have been designed to work perfectly with the volume present.

Technical specifications