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Interior ICQ 82

2-way high-end recessed speaker

  • 有力再现声音细节,可用于较大空间
  • 高质量三级分频器,可用于高频和中频范围
  • 高端25mm布膜高音单元,实现最优脉冲保真
  • 高音单元可旋转35°,实现精确定位
  • 200mm低音单元,含抗扭曲陶瓷铝振膜

2-way high-end recessed speaker

This particularly high-quality recessed ceiling speaker follows in all essential parameters of the Magnat Quantum technology. Like traditional home-audio boxes, the ICQ 82 is equipped with woofer and mid-tone diaphragms made with highly stable and rigid anodized ceramic-aluminum cones. This material provides extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest acoustic details.

All high frequencies are reproduced with the highest pulse fidelity and freedom from distortion by a coated fabric dome tweeter. The elaborate crossover also ensures precision allocation between the high and low frequencies.

Convenient mounting without screws.

The clamping mechanism in the nterior Quantum´s frame guarantees simple and quick installation in walls and ceilings.

Adaptable 35° swivel tweeter

The 35° swivel tweeters enable both 2-way coaxial systems ICQ 62 and 82 to be adapted to individual requirements very easily with regard to their dispersion characteristics in the living room. Which means that it is possible to achieve highly transparent sound even in difficult installation situations.

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