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RV 4


  • 高保真高端混合放大器
  • 有效结合电子管音质和晶体管功率
  • 数字部分配备伯尔-布朗转换器和蓝牙4.0(支持aptX)
  • 高品质实心金属外壳采用了8mm厚的前面板
  • 前置输出、后级输入及动磁式与动圈式唱机前置放大器


密力RV 4混合放大器将发烧级音质和高性能表现完美结合:配备了电子管前级和晶体管输出级,为用户缔造“温暖”的模拟音质。在保障高输出功率的同时,最大程度提升动态表现。RV4为用户提供多种模拟输入,包括动磁式和动圈式唱机输入以及同轴和光学数字接口。高端伯尔-布朗转换器还可用于蓝牙4.0输入(支持aptX),这是产品的另一突出特点。本款高端立体声放大器不仅音色出众,而且简单易用,在模拟和数字领域均可满足发烧友的严苛要求

Exceptional hybrid concept

The audiophile heart of the Magnat RV 4 beats loudly and clearly in the pre-amp stage. Two high-quality, specially selected tubes produced in Russia are featured here. In this way, the Magnat engineers guarantee that the RV 4 delivers the warm tube sound so highly regarded among hi-fi fans. The necessary performance, with 150 watts RMS power output, is generated by the power amp with the help of high-quality Japanese transistors manufactured by Sanken.

Nostalgia meets wireless

With its wide variety of digital connection possibilities, the RV 4 delights both the purist vinyl enthusiast and the modern streaming fan. The integrated phono pre-amp has separate inputs for MM and MC systems, offering the possibility to enjoy your beloved record collection in the very best quality. But audiophile streaming fans are also catered for on account of the amplifier featuring a particularly high-quality Bluetooth module, including aptX.

Stylish, distinctive design

The audiophile tubes glow in warm orange, with the heat sink giving the high-end amplifier an individual appearance. The organic LED display provides information about the current volume and source selection status. The overall high-quality impression of the high-end amplifier is rounded off by an all-metal enclosure with an 8 mm front panel and the solid aluminium controls.

Technical specifications

Bluetooth® input
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 / Qualcomm® aptX™


Bluetooth® input
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 / Qualcomm® aptX™