Audiophile floorstanding speaker with genuine high-end aspirations

Impressive stats to really whet the appetite

The Quantum Signature is impressive at first sight due to its sheer size. This first impression promises a lot and is backed up, as expected, by numerous top-class technical innovations. Designed as a 3-way bass reflex system, the speaker accommodates a total of six high-tech individual chassis in a high gloss MDF cabinet, which weighs in at 73 kg. The speaker´s multi-braced, 100 liter housing with double-layered side panels is of a solid construction that rests on exclusively designed solid metal spikes.

An imposing appearance and perfect bass performance

The overall appearance of this exceptional transducer is predominantly shaped by three sumptuous 200 mm woofer chassis. High-strength aluminum/ceramic cones with inverted dust caps generate a thunderous bass line of the highest quality. The low-resonance die-cast aluminum basket ensures uninterrupted operating conditions. Non-conductive Kapton voice coil mounts and the well-ventilated and optimized drive system minimize electrical and mechanical losses and ensure negligible distortion values at maximum levels.

Perfectly coordinated D´Appolito configuration

Thanks to the enhancement of the "Controlled Flexing Cone" the two 170 mm midrange drivers offer ideal properties in the critical vocal range. All of the stops have been pulled out here to reduce distortions to an absolute minimum. The new dome tweeter in the Signature speaker is positioned centrally in a D´Appolito configuration. The computer calculated geometry of the front panel ensures ideal dispersion properties, while a particularly lightweight fabric cone consisting of semi-crystalline polymer ensures a maximum degree of efficiency. In terms of sound this results in an outstanding, harmonious mid/treble range, which is totally free of audible transitions.

A unique sound experience

In sum, the individual parts which have been selected, optimized and developed according to the latest findings generate a sound that is truly impressive. From the deepest bass lines, which the bass trio pumps into the room with the support of two specially coated bass reflex ports, to the perfectly clean fundamental tone and the extremely precise midrange of the ´controlled flexing cones´, right up to the fine resolution and impulsive treble generated by the special tweeter - the Quantum Signature has everything. Thanks to its enormous reserves in all frequency ranges and outstanding low-distortion properties, the speaker operates in a relaxed manner that only a few transducers are able to deliver.

Quantum Signature

High-end floorstanding speaker as 3-way bass reflex system

  • The ultimate Quantum flagship: Six 3-way precision acoustic transducers, absolute high-tech materials and decades of experience
  • 30 mm fmax Signature special tweeter with a particularly lightweight membrane made of semi-crystalline polymer (PTFE) for maximum efficiency
  • Two Klippel-optimized 170 mm "Controlled Flexing Cone" woofers with ceramic-aluminium cone sandwich membrane for outstanding three-dimensionality
  • Three 200 mm ceramic-aluminium cone subwoofers for an incomparably precise, dynamic and detailed bass foundation
  • Extremely sturdy MDF enclosure, rounded at the sides and weighing in at 73 kg, with low-resonance baffle and double-walled side profile structure

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