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Quantum 1003 S

Shelf speaker, 2-way bass reflex configuration

  • A reference product in shelf-top speaker format: The Quantum 1003 S offers perfection and unparalleled craftsmanship in the smallest of spaces
  • A joy to the eyes and ears: the most stylish design combined with outstanding Quantum technology
  • 30 mm tweeter with a particularly lightweight membrane made of semi-crystalline polymer (PTFE) for maximum efficiency
  • Klippel-optimized 170 mm "Controlled Flexing Cone" subwoofer with a ceramic-aluminium cone sandwich membrane for perfect three-dimensionality
  • Sturdy MDF case with elaborate struts and low-resonance 22 mm baffle

Shelf speaker, 2-way bass reflex configuration

Audiophile components and innovative technology have been used exclusively for the 2-way bass reflex configuration in the Quantum 1000 S series to ensure an optimum sound performance. The 170 mm bass-midrange driver, which is also featured in the Quantum 1009 S floorstanding speaker, is used in combination with the 30 mm high-end tweeter with its lightweight semi-crystalline polymer cone to guarantee maximum precision and uncompromising neutrality.
The sturdy MDF housing, which is available in a high-gloss black or white finish, has been provided with a double-walled side panel configuration to ensure resonance is kept to an absolute minimum. The level of workmanship and quality of material that have gone into both the housing and the internal components are of a premium level.

Technical specifications