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New Omega 380

Active bass reflex subwoofer

  • More is better: A 38 cm woofer provides for a powerful deep bass foundation
  • A 30 kg bass power house for punchy bass reproduction up to 17 Hertz
  • 38 cm high-power long excursion woofer with coated and hardened paper membrane as well as a Klippel-optimized magnet system
  • 300 watts of pulse power for dynamic, action-packed scenes
  • Sturdy MDF enclosure with elaborate bracing and integrated feet with a silicone base

Active bass reflex subwoofer

There is no substitute for the cone surface area – except a bigger cone surface area! The New Omega 380 bass reflex subwoofer comes with a whopping 38 cm cone surface area, while its chassis is naturally equipped with a Klippel-optimized magnet system and a ventilated high-performance voice coil for maximum power. The New Omega 380 is not only capable of delving down to 17 Hz thanks to its coated and hardened paper cone, but it also generates an extremely precise and richly textured deep bass range. The subwoofer, which is accommodated in a sturdy MDF housing, operates according to the down-firing principle and its front panel is equipped with an LED status display. The supplied remote control can be used to switch the subwoofer on and off and also adjust the level of the built-in high-power amplifier.

Sound from the deep

Bass as it should be: A 38 cm long-throw subwoofer - an exceptional format in this price category - performs its work reliably and powerfully in the New Omega Sub 380. The 300 watt maximum power output of the built-in amplifier ensures the necessary dynamics

Heavyweight with mighty depth

This exceptional subwoofer combines dynamic bass with outstanding performance. It has a substantial volume and two large Airflex ports for minimal flow noise, something that can negatively affect enjoyment of the bass ranges in conventional subwoofers.

Easy-to-operate subwoofer

The front control panel with the LED display and the volume and crossover frequency controls provide for exceptional operating convenience. Added to this is a remote control for start-up and volume control. If the New Omega Sub 380 is not active, it switches off automatically to save energy thanks to the auto stand-by function.

Technical specifications