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MCD 750


  • 高品质CD驱动器由精确、静音的驱动机组和东芝CD控制单元组成
  • 精确、低噪音的数字/模拟转换则由高品质欧胜数字模拟转换器实现
  • 来自TI的滤波器和输出级(含低噪声运算放大器)让音质更加出众
  • 精心设计的电源适配器(带独立稳压器),保障音频输出
  • 坚固的实心金属箱体,覆盖实心铝前面板


密力MCD 750专为提供纯净和高保真音质而打造。CD驱动器由超精确、超静音的驱动机组和东芝CD控制单元组成,可出色完成上述要求。高品质欧胜数字模拟转换器可将音频数据无损转换成模拟格式。此外,MCD 750还能以数字形式直接中继信号。设备提供双行文本显示(亮度可调),清晰易读。此外,还提供CD文本、支持ID3标签及高质量系统遥控等功能。高品质CD播放机外观时尚简约,装在坚固的纯金属外壳中,覆盖实心拉丝铝前面板。

Convenience and design at the highest level

In addition to audio CD´s, the MCD 750 also plays back MP3/WMA in optimum quality and also supports CD text as well as ID3 tags. The all-metal enclosure with its solid, brushed aluminium front panel perfectly matches the design of the MR 780 receiver in terms of looks.

Highest flexibility through a huge variety of connection options

The MR 780 receives signals via five high-level inputs or two optical and two coaxial digital inputs. A 3.5 mm jack input is also available as well as wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0, including aptX. The wide range of connectivity options is rounded off by a particularly high-quality phono pre-amp as well as a USB audio 2.0 input.

Technical specifications