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Cinemotion 510

Compact 5.1 home cinema system with active subwoofer

  • Home cinema in every living room: purist, unobtrusive design, meticulous craftsmanship and development
  • High-quality, compact 5.1 system for high speech intelligibility, thrilling effects and precise surround sound in the living room
  • Four satellite speakers with 2-way coaxial chassis for harmonious and action-packed surround sound reproduction in the smallest of spaces
  • Special center speaker with two 85 mm woofers and a 15 mm tweeter for good speech intelligibility
  • Active downfire bass reflex subwoofer with a 170 mm driver and 40 watts RMS as well as 100 watts of pulse power: Strong bass in the smallest of spaces

Compact 5.1 home cinema system with active subwoofer

Magnat´s Interior 5.1X is ideally suited for the interaction between high intelligibility of speech, precision effects and emotional soundtracks. The system delivers an almost perfect balance in the threshold range between the mid-range and treble areas – areas that play such a key role in the home-cinema experience.
The satellite chassis have all been configured using two-way coaxial geometries, the centre loudspeaker, on the other hand, features a horizontal layout with two bass/mid-range loudspeakers and an additional dome tweeter. The subwoofer has been equipped with a precisely calculated bass-reflex tunnel to enhance the lower frequency ranges and possesses a special long-throw driver.

Technical specifications