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Prime Classic

Top-class active Bluetooth® loudspeaker

Top-class active Bluetooth® loudspeaker

The name “Prime” redefines modern Connected Audio at Magnat. Prime stands for the latest generation of multi-functional streaming loudspeakers with genuine hi-fi standards. The Prime Classic is a compact and especially easy-to-use Bluetooth loudspeaker in this new product range. Its shelf-top dimensions make it particularly practical, while the solid wood enclosure and the lavish chassis components underline its amazingly high standards in terms of sound. The timeless design is based on its hi-fi ancestors of bygone times. However, you should not be fooled by its retro charm – the Prime Classic is packed full with state-of-the-art technology.

Clever control centre

Operating inside the Magnat Prime Classic is a highly modern Class D amplifier with a total of three channels. Two of these feed a pair of wide-range broadbands in the mid and treble ranges, while the third one is exclusively responsible for the bass range. It controls the integrated long-throw woofer with a higher power output. The amplifier unit is controlled by a latest-generation digital signal processor. The clever mini-computer not only takes care of sound control and its distribution across three channels; it also monitors the amplifiers in real time and ensures that the Prime Classic offers the optimum sound experience at all times. Thanks to the Qualcomm® aptX™ technology, music is streamed to the speaker from any Bluetooth® source in wireless mode and with the best quality sound. The Prime Classic is very easy to operate via a smartphone or by using the rotary control on the side of the unit. Its analogue 3.5 mm input provides access for other mobile and stationary audio sources.

The Power Quartet

The conversion of the amplifier power into sound is taken care of by as many as four loudspeaker chassis despite the compact MDF enclosure of the Prime Classic. Responsible for the stereo panorama are 2 x 58 mm wide-band chassis at the front. Its particularly powerful magnetic drive makes the lightweight paper membranes extremely vibrant. Positioned in the centre at the front is a powerful long-throw 85 mm subwoofer. Together with the 100 mm diameter bass radiator – positioned at the bottom of the enclosure for optimum acoustics – the Prime Classic offers deep, precise bass reproduction with absolutely no ambient noise.
We have developed all of the loudspeaker chassis in the Prime Classic with the assistance of our Klippel laser measuring system. This results in minimal distortion and high sound precision at all volume levels.

Real Magnat sound

In musical terms, the Prime Classic is a real all-rounder. It impresses with constantly pleasant soundscape in all musical directions, without neglecting details and dynamics. Thanks to the powerful bass duo, it offers extremely powerful
and clear bass reproduction. The stereo duo at the front performs concisely and precisely, delivering impressively dynamic and natural sound. Thanks to Bluetooth®, the Prime Classic is open to all modern streaming sources and music services. This means the compact Prime Classic easily fills the room with music – a universal acoustic talent with full Magnat sound.

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