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Symbol X 130

Universal 2-way shelf speaker

  • Speakers for home audio and professional PA systems
  • Home-recording monitor speakers
  • Integrated wall mounting device, horizontally and vertically adjustable
  • Perfect sound and very high power handling
  • Indoor/Outdoor bookshelf speakers
  • Splash-proof by IPX5 standard, corrosion-resistant materials

Universal 2-way shelf speaker

The Symbol X 130 delivers an extremely impressive performance despite its compact dimensions. A frequency response of 34 to 36,500 Hz and an efficiency of 90 dB can be clearly heard. With a housing measuring just 151 mm wide and 249 mm high, it will fit in anywhere, even on a packed table in an editing suite. It also cuts a fine figure on a shelf when used as a classic hi-fi speaker. Thanks to a load capacity of up to 200 watts, there´s no problem if the speaker is subjected to high levels for prolonged periods. And, like all Symbol speakers, it defies outdoor conditions and is able to withstand splash water without any issue.

For your garden party

For your business room!

In your pub!

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(0) 2022年10月18日


I bought 4 pairs of the X130, the price is amazing for the quality of the speakers and above all, the quality of the sound.

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