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Interior IWQ 62

2 way High-End in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker

  • Quantum作为壁挂式扬声器:在超紧凑的箱体内实现最优性能和高精度
  • 高质量三级分频器,用于高频和中频范围
  • 高端25mm布膜高音单元,实现最优脉冲保真
  • 高音单元可旋转35°,实现精确定位
  • 160mm低音单元,含抗扭曲陶瓷铝振膜

2 way High-End in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker

This built-in wall loudspeaker with particularly high-quality workmanship follows all the major parameters of Magnat´s Quantum technology. Just like the classic home-audio boxes, the IWQ 82 has also been equipped with bass/mid-range cones made from highly stable and torsion-resistant ceramic-aluminium. This material provides extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest of acoustic details.

All the high frequencies are reproduced through a coated fabric dome tweeter that delivers highest pulse fidelity and freedom from distortion. A complex crossover is also responsible for precisely distributing the high and low frequencies.

Technical specifications