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Interior ICQ 262

2 x 2-way high-end recessed speaker

  • 可用于分离通道控制的吸顶式立体声扬声器
  • 带有3级调整的高质量分频器,用于高频范围
  • 两个19mm软膜球顶高音单元
  • 160mm低音单元,含抗扭曲陶瓷铝振膜

2 x 2-way high-end recessed speaker

This built-in ceiling loudspeaker with particularly high-quality workmanship follows all the major parameters of Magnat´s Quantum technology. Just like the classic home-audio boxes, the ICQ 262 has also been equipped with bass/mid-range cones made from highly stable and torsion-resistant ceramic-aluminium. This material results in extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest of acoustic details.

This special model possesses two angularly disposed tweeters as well as an additional three-way treble level adjustment and, thanks to the dual voice coil and switch, may be used in mono and stereo mode. Cascading also is possible.

Individually adjustable tweeter

Extremely cleanly designed crossover with 3-stage level adjustment for the treble range. The gold-plated cable holder offers lasting protection against corrosion and virtually loss-free signal transmission.

Stereo mode and three-stage level adjustment

The ICQ 262 speaker for fitting into ceiling recesses holds a special position because it comes with two tweeters arranged at fixed angles. Thanks to its twin voice coil, this dual-coax system may be used for both mono and stereo playback and it also allows the treble range to be set in three steps.

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