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Tempus Sub 300A

Active bass reflex subwoofer

  • Bass upgrade for the Tempus system with great power and strong bass
  • Subwoofer for additional bass and thrilling reproduction of action scenes
  • 120 watts RMS power output thanks to the high-performance Class D amplifier
  • 300 mm high-power long excursion woofer with coated paper membrane plus bass reflex for powerful bass reproduction
  • Sturdy MDF housing with elaborate bracing and removable front grille

Active bass reflex subwoofer

A 120 watt RMS class-D high performance amplifier, which is housed in the active bass reflex subwoofer of the Tempus series, provides the relentless powerful drive for the 300 mm long-throw woofer with its coated paper cone. With a Klippel-optimized magnet system and ventilated high-performance voice coil it is capable of generating a solid and voluminous, yet extremely precise deep bass range. To ensure no resonance or flow noise is produced, despite the huge movement of air that is created, the sturdy MDF housing has been equipped with elaborate bracing and two generously dimensioned Airflex ports. Volume, crossover frequency and phase can naturally be adjusted, while the active frequency response equalization system optimizes levels in the sub-bass range. The Tempus Sub 300A also features an automatic standby function with a power consumption of less than 0.5 watts.

Technical specifications


  • 300 mm high-power long-throw woofer with Klippel®-optimized magnet system
  • Ventilated high-performance voice coil to guarantee highest operational reliability
  • The coated paper cone ensures a profound audio reproduction