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Symbol Pro 160

2-way multi-functional speakers for shelf and wall mounting

  • Clear and precise sound in a compact format
  • Including a sturdy, infinitely adjustable wall bracket, both horizontally and vertically
  • 19 mm magnesium tweeter for a crystal-clear and precise treble range
  • 160 mm polypropylene woofer and bass reflex system for powerful bass
  • Moisture-resistant and can therefore be used in the most various surroundings without any difficulty

2-way multi-functional speakers for shelf and wall mounting

This loudspeaker´s wall-fitting option means that it may be universally employed, it also doesn´t require much space because of its small size. Anything is possible – be it under the ceiling, for music or home cinema, at home or in studios!

The extremely compact two-way bass-reflex system accommodates a 160 mm low/mid-range loudspeaker and a high-resolution dome tweeter. The magnetically shielded case means that the Symbol Pro 160 may be excellently used as a near-field loudspeaker in direct proximity to a monitor.

Dome tweeter can be swivelled vertically and horizontally

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