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Shadow 207

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with two woofers

  • High-resolution and dynamic: Tweeter, woofer and double subwoofer for outstanding sound
  • Klippel-optimized for optimal reproduction characteristics and outstanding stereo reproduction
  • 30 mm fmax dome tweeter with an extra-wide surround, front panel with optimized sound guide and powerful ferrite drive for excellent dynamics
  • Three Klippel-optimized 170 mm FE Dynamics chassis: 1 x woofer and 2 x subwoofer for high resilience and precision
  • Sturdy and low-resonance enclosure made of E1 MDF timber boards with two Airflex ports to reduce flow noise

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with two woofers

The Shadow 207 is the mid-range floorstanding speaker in the Shadow series and is exclusively equipped with high quality materials and selected components. Two 170 mm diameter FE Dynamics woofers ensure a powerful bass performance. The midrange driver also features a coated paper cone and is equipped with a vented voice coil unit for maximum load handling capacity. Klippel-optimisation ensures the perfect combination of efficiency and sound quality, which, in turn, means the speaker is extremely well suited for use with smaller amplifiers.
The newly developed 30 mm fmax tweeter, which is equipped with a wide surround and powerful ferrite drive, is responsible for a treble range that is both brilliant and pleasant in equal measure. With its high gloss baffle and two different colour finishes, the Shadow 207 can be easily integrated into any living room.

Innovative driver technology

Magnat Shadow stands for innovative driver technology and acoustic performance at the highest level.

Woofer in detail

Magnat´s high-performance FE Dynamics driver comprises a lightweight, specially coated paper membrane and a non-magnetic, fibre-reinforced ABS cast basket. This combination of materials produces a particularly well-balanced and distortion-free soundscape in the limit range.

Extremely precise and very dynamic

The newly developed fmax dome tweeter is responsible for the transparent and natural treble range. Excellent dynamics are guaranteed with a particularly wide surround, a front panel with dispersion-optimized sound guide as well as a powerful ferrite drive.

Technical specifications