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Quantum 750

Audiophile loudspeaker series with attached baffle

Audiophile loudspeaker series with attached baffle

A clear and wideband sound pattern with no bias towards a single frequency range along with high dynamism and pulse fidelity represent a lofty ideal for audiophiles. Loudspeakers should also work perfectly with different music genres while still looking good. To achieve this goal, an enormous investment in material, design experience and technical know-how is needed. But the love of good sound is perhaps the most important basic requirement. The Quantum 750 series has faced this challenge.

No chance for resonating cases

Based on the premise that only the cones of a loudspeaker should move, and thus distorting case resonances kept to a minimum, solid double-layered MDF housing front panels measuring 45 and 40 mm in thickness have been realised for the new Quantum 750 series. Such effort may also be extremely rare in the entire world market and, in conjunction with the multi-struts inside the case, provides the optimum foundation for the loudspeaker chassis used. The loudspeakers are set up with the support of built-in resonance absorbers whereby metal spikes may be alternatively used with the floor-standing boxes.

Tweeters and woofers in perfect harmony

The loudspeaker baskets for the low and mid-range drivers have also been manufactured from non-magnetic and torsionally rigid die-cast aluminium – the built-in membranes have been made from an aluminium-ceramic material. They guarantee pulse fidelity and a clean bass response. These excellent drivers are powered by double magnet systems and ventilated precisely dimensioned voice coils, which results in considerably greater resilience than is possible with conventionally designed chassis. A new high-efficiency Fmax tweeter with double magnet system and dual-compound fabric dome has been created as the appropriate partner for the treble range. To achieve a particularly smooth transition to the mid-range, the tweeter has also been equipped with a dampened bored pole core, so technically speaking it possess its own small enclosure at the rear. To further optimise the dispersion properties, the aluminium-ABS tweeter flange was also designed with a special geometry to channel the sound.


Both phase- and amplitude-optimised crossovers work with high-quality components and forward the signal to internal wiring made of highly pure copper. Encapsulated terminals have been used to connect the loudspeaker cables to the large terminal, proper contact has also been ensured for cables with larger cross-sections. Bi-amping and bi-wiring are also possible.

Technical specifications