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Needle Alu Sat

2-way satellite loudspeakers

  • Maximum speech intelligibility for home cinemas – stylish looks and meticulous development bring surround sound into modern living rooms
  • Stylish design and compact form for unobtrusive placement
  • High-resolution 13 mm polycarbonate dome tweeter for pure and precise reproduction up to 30,000 Hertz
  • Four 70 mm woofers with a specially hardened cellulose membrane and low-distortion centering
  • Sturdy, thick-walled aluminium enclosure, produced using the continuous casting method; optimized for horizontal operation

2-way satellite loudspeakers

This small satellite loudspeaker is from a single mould! Because its case has been made from thick continuous-cast aluminium and – where the Needle-Alu-Super-Sat is concerned – houses a 70 mm bass/mid-range loudspeaker that has been perfectly insulated from the high-resolution 13 mm polycarbonate dome tweeter. The small woofer works with a specially hardened cellulose cone and additional centring, which prevent the cone from wobbling at higher volumes.

This loudspeaker delivers optimum performance for home-cinema applications and is therefore also magnetically shielded. It may naturally be combined with the other models in the series. The combination with the active subwoofers in the Betasub series is recommended for optimum low-bass support.