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High-end electronic components - stereo amplifier and an SACD player

The separate audio components mean that developers are able to concentrate on the properties of sound and don´t have to make as many compromises in regard to dimensions and compactness. The electronic components in the Magnat 800 series are representative of a sophisticated technical concept that employs nothing but the best in materials and components. Both units have a respectable low-resonance mechanical design in common and both use vacuum tubes at positions that are particularly relevant to sound.

High-end electronic components - stereo amplifier and an SACD player

The MA 800 hybrid amplifier as a phono specialist

Magnat´s MA 800 is an integrated amplifier with separate phono inputs for MC and MM systems, a channel-separated tube preamplifier and power amplifiers that utilise discrete transistor technology. The elaborate phono amplifier was designed and developed by Walter Fuchs, the renowned German analogue specialist. The phono section has two separate inputs at its disposal, one for moving-magnet pick-ups (MM) and one for moving-coil pick-ups (MC). This means that two pick-ups may be connected simultaneously and switched using the remote control.

The heart of the MA 800 is the tube preamplifier, which amplifies the incoming signals after the input stage – a Russian Type ECC 82 tube has been used for each channel. These tubes were burned-in for 60 hours prior to installation and then selected in pairs. A discretely designed power amplifier built with Japanese high-performance transistors delivers the required drive. Each channel delivers a continuous power of 110 watts while a total power of up to 400 watts may be briefly delivered. The volume is controlled by a solid aluminium knob, which is equipped with a high-precision ALPS motorised potentiometer in the background. All settings may also be optionally made using the full-metal remote control.

MCD 850 – the perfect digital source for the MA 800 integrated amplifier

This Super Audio CD player has been equipped with a tube output stage, an elaborate power supply and the finest mechanical and electronic components. The entire audio section, including the power supply, has been fitted on a single circuit-board. The power supply for the drive and the micro-controller have been accommodated on a second separate circuit-board. This has been done to prevent negative effects on the sensitive transducer and amplifier stages. The digital signals are converted into analogue signals by a latest-generation Burr-Brown D/A converter. The channel-separated filter stage has been equipped with low-noise operational amplifiers and ensures a broad linear frequency response to well above 40 kHz.

A particularly low noise ECC 88 double triode has been used for each of the SACD player´s channels. The circuit guarantees extremely low-distortion and linear transmission characteristics. As with all Magnat´s tube products, the MCD 850 only uses Russian-made tubes that have been burned-in and specially selected. The audio signal for the separate headphone amplifier is picked up before the tube stage. The volume may be comfortably adjusted using the remote control, the output level at the RCA jacks remains unchanged when the volume is adjusted in this way.

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