Quantum 1005

Floor-standing loudspeaker, 2-way bass reflex with double bass

The Quantum 1005 is the smaller of two floor-standing loudspeakers in the Quantum 1000 series and features everything that characterises an audiophile high-end loudspeaker: timeless and noble design, absolute top-quality workmanship down to the final detail and highly precise balanced sound with uncompromising neutrality.

The sound transducer is available in either a white or black high-gloss finish with applied walnut side panels. The impressive case design that uses solid MDF panels and double-walled side panels directly and effectively minimises unwanted resonances. Magnat´s engineers have given the "F-Max-Signature" tweeter a hermetically sealed chamber, which produces outstanding fine resolutions, while two bass/mid-range loudspeakers have been provided with "controlled flexing cones", which are responsible for reference-level bass and mid-range values.

Piano black

Piano white


Test reports

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    AudioVideo Poland
    09 / 2010


25 mm tweeter

2 x 6.5“ Midrange-woofer

Frequency Response

21 – 75.000 Hz

Cabinet surface

High glossy black/side reinforcement black-staind walnut with high gloss finish

High glossy white/side reinforcement natural walnut with high glossy finish


Separate tweeter case

Airflex ports with extremely large opening areas to guarantee best-possible bass coupling

High-quality high-gloss varnish finish

Double-walled side panels with varying material thickness to reduce case resonances

Case cover in a double-walled sandwich design

Generous bracing inside the case with chassis support

Sturdy MDF case with low-resonance baffle and genuine-wood veneer

Removable protective fabric grille with optimum sound transmissivity and concealed magnet fastenings

Low-resonance spikes made from solid aluminium


2 way bass reflex, double bass


f-max Signature tweeter with a particularly wide surround for optimised dispersion characteristics at frequencies above 20 kHz

Solid aluminium front panel with short horn and improved case coupling to reduce unwanted case vibrations

Dome made from precision fabric hand-coated with ceramic particles

Copper cap in the magnet system for harmonic distortion optimisation

Generous magnet ventilation with low natural resonance

Double front ventilation to avoid desymmetrisation of the voice coils´ zero position at high levels

Woofer / midrange

Generously vented die-cast basket for preventing turbulence and compression effects

Distortion-optimised magnet with double induction rings and stray-field optimisation

Controlled Flexing Cone: New type of cone geometry for controlled dispersion of bending waves in the mid-range and consequently better bandwidth

Particularly flat cone shape with adapted dome with dust cap on the woofer for improved time synchronisation with the tweeter and optimised omnidirectional characteristics

Sophisticated voice coil ventilation for a particularly high degree of resilience


24 dB LKR topology with transformer core coils and audiophile PP capacitors

Crossover on two separate circuit-boards to optimise use with bi-wiring

Crossover mechanically isolated from the case

High-quality internal Oehlbach® wiring


Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping Option

Large bi-wiring terminal with solid screw connections

Matt gold-plated loudspeaker terminals sealed with acrylic

2 way bass reflex, double bass
25 mm tweeter
2 x 170 mm woofer-midrange
Power Handling (RMS / Max.)
200 / 500 watts
Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)
92 dB
4 – 8 Ohms
Frequency Response
21 – 75.000 Hz
Crossover Frequencies
380 Hz / 2600 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Output
> 35 Watts
Dimensions (WxHxD)
240 x 1100 x 330 mm
35 kg
Cabinet surface
High glossy black/side reinforcement black-staind walnut with high gloss finish
High glossy white/side reinforcement natural walnut with high glossy finish